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NCCK 2022 부활절 남북 공동 성명서
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승인 2022.04.13  13:37:33
트위터 페이스북

       Peace-building: Conflict transformation & Reconciliation 



We, Christians from the North and South, pray together, asking for your grace through the resurrection of Jesus who carried the cross of history in the road to Calvary. Hear our prayers for the reconciliation and reunification on the Korean peninsula, deep in the shadows.

Have mercy upon us!

The aspiration of the Korean people for peace, prosperity, and reunification of the Korean Peninsula, specified in the historic Panmunjom Declaration and Pyongyang Joint Declaration in 2018, has now cooled down. By failing to implement the 2018 agreement of inter-Korean relations, we destroyed the peace regime in the Korean Peninsula and have remained in the shaded silence. Two years after the historic accord, the dialogue has stalled. We repent our sins of ignoring your invitation that we are all called to be peacemakers.   

Forgive us!

We still live in the system of division which has insinuated itself systemically into every aspect of Korean life. It has been a long time since the Kaesong Industrial Complex was closed; the footsteps to Mt. Kumgang were cut off; and the railway cooperation as a key engine for advancing inter-Korean reconciliation was stopped. We are ashamed of not committing to bring a peace regime which replaces the current sanctions regime against our sisters and brothers and end to military exercises in the region.

Teach us your ways again!

Overcoming the national division and the realization of the reunification are the central task for Korean people. Lead us on paths of justice and peace. Help us to realize peace all over this world through peace on the Korean peninsula.

Lead us to the wellspring of your gospel!

Just as you gave the prophet Ezekiel the vision of resurrection of the dry bones in the midst of the valley, help us gather together all our dreams of resurrection and reunification on the Korean Peninsula. Permit us to partake of the blessing you have promised the peacemakers, obeying your word: “strive for peace and promote it!”

In the year ahead the 70th anniversary of the 1953 Armistice Agreement, we will continue our journey of the pilgrimage of justice and peace in the way of building a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula that replaces the Armistice Agreement.

Receive us into your coming Kingdom!

We feel helpless in the face of the needs of those suffering from the war and conflict and human life and the whole creation groaning from the climate crisis and COVID-19. Make us pilgrims together on the way to your Kingdom. In your resurrection, we rise to a new life and look forward to a new creation.

We pray, in the name of Jesus Christ, who is the way of peace.

                                  17 April 2022

         The National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK)


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