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International Conference on Minjung Theology, Liberation Theologies,and Contextual TheologiesDates: October 23~26 (Thursday ~ Sunday), 2014
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International Conference on Minjung Theology,
Liberation Theologies, and Contextual Theologies

 연세대학교 송도 국제캠퍼스에서 이 달 23일(목) - 25일(토) , 서남동 박사 30주년을 기념하는  한국민중신학  국제 심포지움이 CCA와 국내 성공회대, 연세대학교, 감신대, 서울신대, YMCA, 경동교회의 후원으로 열린다.


죽제(竹濟) 서남동(徐南同) 목사는 전라남도 신안에서 출생하여 1936년 전주 신흥(新興)중학교를 졸업한후 일본에 건너가 도시샤[同志社]대학에서 공부했다. 1941년 신학부를 졸업하고 귀국하여 1943∼1952년 대구지방에서 목회를 하다가 한국신학대학(한신대학교의 전신) 교수가 되었다.

1957년 캐나다 임마누엘신학대학원을 졸업, 1961년 연세대학교 신학과 교수에 취임했다. 1960년대 이후 본회퍼의 '세속화 신학'을 비롯한 불트만의 해석학적 신학, 테야르드샤르댕의 과정신학, 몰트만의 희망의 신학, 판넨베르크의 역사로서의 계시신학, 알타이저의 신의 죽음의 신학 등등, 서구 진보주의 서구 현대신학의 조류를 국내에 소개하는 일에 앞장섰다.

대학에서 민주화운동을 하다가 제적된 기독 학생들을 모아 기독교장로회가 운영하는  선교연구원 책임자로 독자적 신학노선을 구축, 궁극에는 '민중신학'을 창출하여 한국은 물론, 제3세계 신학계에 신선한 충격을 안겨 주었다. 1970년대에 들어 국내 신학자들과 '한국 그리스도인 선언'을 발표하고 본격적인 사회참여로 적극적 반독재투쟁 대열에 섰다.

1975년 6월 유신독재하(維新獨裁下)에서 야기된 이른바 '학원사태'로 해직되고, 이듬해 3·1 민주구국선언에 서명하여 함석헌·김대중 등과 함께 긴급조치 제9호 위반으로 구속, 시련을 겪었다. 이 과정에서 동료 교수인 안병무(安炳茂)·서광선(徐洸善)·주재용(朱在鏞) 등과 '민중신학'을 탄생시켰다. 이것은 제3세계 신학의 모델로 널리 소개되어 한국의 수출신학(輸出神學) 제1호가 되었다.  주요저서에 〈전환시대의 신학〉·〈민중신학의 탐구〉 등이 있는 데 "두 이야기의 합류" " 한의 사제" 등 한국민담과 한국적 정서인 한(恨) 를 신학적으로 해석한 최초의 신학자다.

 Dates: October 23~26 (Thursday ~ Sunday), 2014
Venue: Songdo International Campus, Yonsei University (Graduate Institute of Theology, Korea) 85 Songdogwahak-ro, Yonsu-gu, Inchon, Korea (20 minutes from Inchon International Airport)

Dear Friend, Cordial Greetings from Korea!
It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the international conference on Minjung theology to commemorate the late Prof. Nam Dong Suh for his theological legacy at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his passage. The late Prof. Nam Dong Suh was one of the originator, writer and teacher of the Minjung theology in Korea; and he has taught theology at the Yonsei University as well as at the Hanshin University and PROK Institute of Mission Education until his passage in 1984.    At this occasion we want you to join us for celebration in the international theological Fiesta, revisiting the Minjung and engaging theological conversations and dialogues for a fresh pilgrimage of doing ecumenical theology of liberation in new global contexts of this century.  We anticipate your creative and constructive contribution to fresh path finding of theological journey by writing and presenting your paper and by engaging creative dialogue among participant theologians.  The entire coordination will be done by Prof. Kwon Jinkwan (Society of Commemoration of the late Prof Nam Dong Suh) and your room and board as well as logistics will be cared for by the GIT, Yonsei University (Prof. Jung Seok Hwan, Dean).   Due to the limited budget, we will be able to provide the travel grants only to a few participants; and fortunately Asian and global ecumenical organizations and partners will be able sponsor to some participants. Your legal guarantee will be provided by the Yonsei University. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to address them to              

                      Prof. Kwon Jinkwan  , Conferennce Coordinator. (

With best regards, Most cordially yours, Prof. Kwon, Jinkwan - Conference Coordinator
Prof. Jeong Suk Hwan < > 
Host of the Conference  Prof. Kim, Yong-Bock - Chair of the Conference

                          INVITATION AND CALL FOR PAPERS

International Conference on Minjung Theology, Liberation Theologies, Contextual Theologies In Memory of the Late Prof. Suh Nam Dong  It has been thirty years since the late Professor, Rev. SUH Nam Dong (1918-1984), one of the original founders of Minjung theology, passed away. His theological legacy has made a great impact on theological developments in the ecumenical movement in Asia as well as in Korea.  So we, the second and third generations of Korean Minjung theologians, who have been his students, are now serving universities, theological seminaries and churches, have gathered together in June, this year, to commemorate his theological contribution and education by having a seminar on his theological works. The objective was to reconstruct a new Minjung theology for the present situation in the globalized world as well as in Korea. There has been a significant change between the 1970’s when the Minjung theology was originally constructed and the present 21st century. Nearly a half a century has passed since the beginning of the Minjung theology.  There have been steady interactions and dialogues among ecumenical theologians in Asia and in a wider ecumenical world as well as in Korea. Many scholars here and abroad have engaged themselves in studying and constructing various stories in response to the Korean Minjung theology during the last decades and produced significant fruits.   It is a right time for us to revisit what has been accomplished so far in the name of Minjung theology, and to envision boldly a new Minjung theology for the 21st century in Korea and Asia. As we envision a new phase of Minjung theology, there is a need to reflect on the change of the times and context. Unlike the time of the death of the textile worker, Cheon Tae-il, in 1970, who protested against the poor labor conditions and inhuman treatments of laborers at the beginning of the modern development of the Korean society, the historical conditions of the Minjung in the 21st century have radically changed. The globalized neo-liberal economic regime makes the predicament of suffering peoples borderless and global, and ordinary people continue to suffer under corrupt, irresponsible, exploitative, neoliberal power structures, as is manifested in the human made disaster of the sinking of the ferry Sewol, which has occurred recently sacrificing more than 300 young lives in the South West coast of Korean peninsula.
In this international conference it is our objective to re-eval‍uate and recast Minjung theology for the future ecumenical theological development among theologians, domestic and abroad. It also aims at mutual learnings among different theologians in Asia and in the world to discover new issues, themes, and methods for the Minjung, liberation and contextual theologies for the new global context of the 21st century.     We wish to invite one or two scholars from each country in Asia and from each continent of the world. We will strongly encourage women scholars to join us.  The participant has to submit a paper by October 10. The paper must be a full paper with more than 5000 words. We ask the participants to send us their abstracts with about 200 words by September 10. We will publish the proceedings of the conference in one or two volumes.

1) Dates: October 23~26 (Thursday ~ Sunday), 2014 (Arrival: 23 and Departure 26).
2) Venue: Graduate Institute of Theology, Songdo International Campus, Yonsei University , Korea (quite close to Inchon International Airport)
3) Host Organizations:
Society for Commemoration for the Late Prof. Suh Namdong, (Prof. Kim Yong-Bock,Chair of the Board & Prof. Kwon Jinkwan, Vice Chair of the Board)

The Global Institute of Theology (GIT) of Yonsei University, (Dean and Prof. Jeong Suk Hwan) Korea Association of Minjung Theologians (Chair, Prof. Kwon Jin Kwan)
Korea Christian Faculty Fellowship (Chair, Dr. Sooil Chai, President of Hanshin University)

4) Contacts: Prof. Kwon, Jinkwan - Conference Coordinator
Prof. Jeong Suk Hwan < > - Host of the Conference
Prof. Kim, Yong-Bock - Chair of the Conference

1. Sponsors
Christian Conference of Asia (Rev. Grace Jung Eun Moon, Executive Secretary), Theological Research Institute, Sungkonghoe University (Prof. Kwon, Jinkwan, Director) Hanshin University (Prof. Sooil Chai, President)
Methodist Theological University, (Park, Jong Chon, President)
Seoul Theological University, (Prof. Yu, Seok Sung, President)
United Graduate Theological School, Yonsei University ( Jeong, Suk Hwan, Dean)
Kyongdong Church (Rev. Dr. Park, Chong Hwa, Senior Pastor) Saegil Church
Korean National Council of YMCA’s( Mr. Nam, Boo Won, General Secretary),

2. Participants (50)
International participants: Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Germany, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Latin America, United States, and one or two participants from other continents of the world (Total 20) and Korean participants(30).   
참가를 원하는 분들은 yonsei.git@gmail.com로 메일 보내서  13일 까지 접수해야  

3. Program
October 24, Friday, 2014 09:00 – 09: 40: Opening Ceremony
Welcome addresses: Host Committee (Prof. Kim, Yong-Bock for Society for Commemoration) & Yonsei University President Greetings Dr. Jonghwa Park(GIT Chair and Seniro Paster of Kyungdong Church),
09:40-10:30: Keynote Speech: Dr. David Kwangsun Suh
10:30-11:00 : Tea Break
11:00-12:00: Two presentations and discussions: he story of Minjung theology and its future (Prof. Jin Kwan Kwon, President of Korea
Association of Minjung Theologians)
2)The story of Asian liberation and Feminist Theologies and its future (WONG Wai Ching Angela, Professor of the China University of Hong Kong)
12:00-12:30 Discussions
12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Lunch

2:00-4:00 Panel One: Minjung Theology I (Four Papers)
Prof. Wondon Kang (Hanshin Univ.) (2) Prof. Soon Yang Choi(Ehwa Women’s Univ) (3) Dr. Hyungmook Choi, (Hanshin Univ.) (4) Prof. Volker Kuester(Mainz Univ.)
4:00-4:30 : Tea Break
4:30-6:00 Discussions

2:00-4:00 Panel Two: Asian Theology
Prof. Heup Young Kim, (Kangnam Univ), (2) Prof. Banawiratma(Indonesia), (3) Prof. Vinayaraj (India) (4) Young Min Paik (Yonsei Univ), (5) Dr. David Selvaraj (Visthar, India)
4:00-4:30 Tea Break
4:30-6:00 Discussions
6:00-7:30 Dinner (Host: President of Yonsei University)
7:30-8:30 Special Lectures: 1) Theological Reflections from the Philippines:
Dr. Elizear Fernandez, author of Theology of Struggles
Theological Reflections from Sri Lanka Fr. Keerthisiri Fernando. Anglican Church in Sri Lanka October 25, Saturday,

2014 08:30 – 09:00 : Bible Reflection (Prof Noh Jongsun)

9:00-11:00 Panel Three: Minjung Theology II and discussions (4 papers) Hiheon Kim (Sungkonghoe Univ),
(2) Ms. Inmee Lee (Sungkonghoe Univ)
(3) Paul Chang (Sociology, Harvard Univ)
(4) Ho Hyun Sohn (Yonsei Univ)
11:00-11:30 Tea Break
11:30-12:30 Discussions

9:00-11:00 Panel Four: Theology of Gender and Subaltern Liberation (4 papers)
(1) Ms. Joomee Hur (Mainz Univ)
(2) Prof. Huang Po Ho (Taiwan)
(3) Prof. Kyungil Jeong (Saegil Church),
(4) Prof. Wati Longchar (SCEPTRE, India)
11:00-11:30 Tea Break
11:30-12:30 Discussions
12:30-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:30 Special Panel: Senior Scholars’ Dialogue on the Future of Theology in Asia Dr. Yong-Bock Kim & Dr. Philip Wickeri, and Dr. Young-Chan Ro (Chair)
3:30-4:00 Tea Break

4:00- 6:00 Panel Five: Asian Contextual Theologies (4 papers)
(1) Prof. Icksang Shin (Methodist Univ)
(2) Prof. Sung Jung Mo (Latin America),
(3) Prof. Yatang Chuang (Taiwan)
(4) Ms. Sweety Helen (India)
6:00-6:30 Discussions
6:30-8:00 Dinner
Dr. Prof. Sooil Chai (Korean Christian Faculty Fellowship)
Christian Conference of Asia (Rev. Grace Moon),
Boowon Nam (General Secretary, Korea), Presidents of universities
and others The comprehensive Report of the conference will be made by Rev. Son, Yangrae (Sydney, Australia)


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